SAP business of the jb-x group will be managed by contrador in the future!


jb-x portal GmbH will in future operate under the name Contrador GmbH with new managing director Stefan Bauer and specializes in SAP consulting.

Passau, October 1, 2013. jb-x portal GmbH's steady growth in the SAP sector and continuous development led to the decision to appoint an additional managing director and thus further expand the jb-x group's SAP business.
Mr. Stefan Bauer will take over the management of SAP consulting and development. After holding positions in several SAP consulting firms, he will play a key role in shaping and managing the company's interests in the future.

As part of the realignment, the current "jb-x portal GmbH" will continue to operate under the name "Contrador GmbH". Contrador stands for "handing over", transferred as a corporate philosophy for consulting as: "the transfer and anchoring of know-how in the context of SAP projects".
The company's activities will continue to focus on industry-independent SAP consulting and SAP development. Together with the jb-x group's fields of activity, large-scale projects can be handled holistically and with a comprehensive consulting portfolio.